The Gryphin Advantage Advisor E&O Program was designed to provide the most comprehensive errors and omissions protection at the best rates available for licensed advisors. The platform offers simplified premiums and additional policy enhancements. The on-line application form makes it easy for advisors to obtain coverage; so that within 5 minutes of applying, you will have your certificate in hand. Click 'Purchase Coverage' to get started.

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No Relative Exclusion

Many E&O providers apply a relative exclusion on their policy. Meaning if an advisor is sued by a relative, coverage will be not afforded. This program does not include this poor limitation in coverage.

Cyber Liability Insurance

$250,000 optional coverage is available for an additional $50.

Payment Options

Buy with Visa or MasterCard through the secure payment processing tool.

Sexual Harassment Coverage — for Clients

Protecting the advisors from suits alleging sexual harassment.

Canadian Litigation Council — toll free number

Will provide free legal advice hotline dedicated to participating advisors.

Fraudulent Induced Transfer Coverage

Protection against claims resulting from fraudulently induced instruction.

First Dollar Defense Endorsement

Zero Dollar Deductible. The $1,000 deductible only becomes applicable if a settlement is awarded.

Failure to Supervise Coverage

Included as per policy limits.

Regulatory Investigations Coverage

Limit: $65,000. If a regulatory body or insurance council investigates the advisor in court or hearing.

25% Discount of newly licensed Advisors

New advisors save 25% on their E&O premium.

Manitoba — $5,0000,000 aggregate limit

Automatically included for Manitoba licensed advisors. No additional premium.

Defense Costs in addition to policy limits

Legal defense costs will not erode policy limits.

Provincial Regulatory Endorsements

All provincial regulatory endorsements, including Quebec, are included. The underwriter has been insuring life agents on the carrier side for more than 10 years. She has developed very strong relationships with the various provincial regulators.